Jericho Wind Project – Temporary Stone Strong Wall – North Middlesex,ON

The layout of the posts for the transfer of power generation from wind turbine’s in North Middlesex placed this post in a precarious position for the installation of the caisson for pouring the base.


Birnam Excavating had M Con Pipe design a Stone Strong retaining wall, although temporary, for a 50,000lb link belt machine to sit on top and be able to auger out the 1.8m diameter hole.


Because the wall was 4.5m in height and factoring in the load surcharge, geogrid was installed at each course of .9m

The wall was 1,032 square feet with 412 yards of geogrid and installed by Birnam in one long day. The design was by Thiele Geotech, reviewed and stamped by MTE Consulting.