Failed Wall Replaced with Stone Strong Systems – Ingersoll, ON

This homeowner turned to Stone Strong Systems after their 30 year old poured in place wall failed. There was a sidewalk along one side of the driveway that was removed, exposing the existing wall to some torrential rains that resulted in it failing.

Existing Pic 1Existing Pic 2

As usual, the initial wall was installed without any tiebacks that might have just prolonged it’s life.

The Stone Strong wall was designed to provide stability and height at the rear of the driveway also, enabling more loading and maximizing the parking for the homeowner.


The rear corner of this wall is over 4.1m in height, and designed without the use of geogrid or other tie-back systems.

The block voids allow for the black fencing to be installed close to the edge, maximizing the upper driveway space.



The wall was installed by D & M Services in August of 2014.

Design services were by CMT Consultants of St. Clements, ON

Total Wall area was 1300 square feet with a length of 37m and max. height of 4.13m

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