Felker Channel Stone Strong Wall at Paramount Subdivision

This project began in January of 2014 to skirt the west side of Felker Channel off Mud Street West in Hamilton. The developer was Losani Homes and this was the start of this large subdivision.


This 117m long wall reached a max. height of 1.8m and was the largest of three walls on the project. The wall was split as a pedestrian bridge was designed to give access to the new residents to a small commercial plaza just east of the subdivision.


The consultant for this project was S.Llewellyn & Associates

Stone Strong retaining wall design was by MTE Consultants.

The project was installed as a winter project by Regional Sewer and Watermain. This was advantageous for them to install the wall themselves as they had the contract to install the MH’s also and the equipment was already on site.

The entire project including three walls was 7740 square feet.


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