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Carp location: Serving Eastern Ontario, Central Ontario and Northern Ontario

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Ayr location: Serving Greater Toronto Area and all of Southern Ontario

M CON | Underground Precast Concrete Products

M CON Products Inc. and M CON Pipe and Products Inc. have set themselves apart as a “one stop” shop for all sewer infrastructure needs. The two companies have a similar philosophy: if it can be poured in place on site, it can be made better if it were precast.

Over the years many customers have realized cost savings due to M CON Products and M CON Pipe and Products innovative infrastructure products. The two companies’ precast concrete product lines include: circular and elliptical pipe, circular and box maintenance holes, catchbasin, highway barriers, box culverts, oil grit separators, gravity retaining wall system as well as many more items.

With over 55 years’ experience in the underground infrastructure business we are recognized as one of the industry leaders for providing innovative solutions and unmatched customer service.

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