Precast Concrete Products
1200mm x 1200mm Ditch Inlet Catch Basin - Type B
Available at Ayr and Carp
  1. Monolithic Base heights as follows: .61m - 1.53m @ .15m increments
  2. Riser Top Section heights as follows: .76m - 1.22m @ .15m increments
  3. Slopes available as follows: X = 2,3,4,6, & Horizontal

* Sections also available with variable heights @ .15m increments

  1. Manufactured in accordance with OPSD 702.050.
  2. Honey comb grating manufactured in accordance with OPSD 403.010 - Type “B” or Type “C”.
  3. All maintenance Holes c/w Hollow Aluminum Steps as per OPSD 405.010.
  4. Standard sump of 300mm is provided.
  5. Pipe gaskets available upon request.