Precast Concrete Products
Joint Procedure
Pre-Lubricated Gaskets

Step 1

Clean all dirt and foreign objects off the bell and spigot. Ensure both the bell and spigot are free of cracks, chips and defects. Carefully stretch the gasket around the spigot with the nose of gasket resting against the step of the spigot and the gasket tube laying on the spigot.

Step 2

Align the spigot with the bell. Ensure the gasket is in contact with the entire circumference of both the bell taper and the spigot before fully homing the joint.

Step 3

Engage the spigot into the bell to fully install, locking the joint into place. The self lubricating gasket will roll over the step of the spigot and into the joint recess creating the complete seal.

  1. The following above jointing procedure will ensure full optimization of pipe joint performance.
  2. This jointing procedure applies to pipe sizes 300 - 3000mm diameter.