Project Showcase: Cavanagh Construction calls on M CON Products to provide multiple precast concrete solutions for subdivision [Ottawa, ON]

Case Study: Apple Orchards Subdivision in Ottawa, ON
Contractor: Thomas Cavanagh Construction Ltd.
Engineer: Paterson Group of Ottawa, ON
Products Used: Stone Strong Systems®, Custom Pipe Manhole Tees,

M CON Products was contracted by Cavanagh Construction to produce the precast underground utilities for Apple Orchards subdivision. With very restrictive site conditions and low final grade elevations, custom structures and designs were required to accommodate the volume of drainage. After evaluating the final design, it was determined that manhole pipe tees were the best solution. With approval from the city, consultants, and owners M CON was able to produce these structures in a timely manner to expedite the construction phase.

The contractor was also contracted to build walls using our Stone Strong product.

Using a stone-slinger to back fill the rear side and each row of the Stone Strong wall was a major time saver for them during the construction of this pond.

Directly beside the above wall, the engineer designed the Stone Strong retaining wall to be built around this outlet culvert. The designer and contractor took advantage of the blocks hollow cavities to pre-place sonotubes. This saved the contractor from having to dig any holes to install the fence posts.

This pond has an elliptical pipe inlet, as well as a box culvert outlet structure. Both structures have the retaining wall acting as a wing wall on either side of the pond.

The Stone Strong dual face block and cap were used between the roadways and houses. Holes were cored through the caps and fence posts were installed along with the fence.

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