Custom precast provides an alternative to cast-in place concrete at the McGee Pump Station [Pembroke, ON]

Case Study: McGee Street Lift Station, Pembroke ON
Contractor: Do-All Construction
Owner: City of Pembroke
Engineer: Jp2g Consultants Inc
Products Used: Special design and custom slabs for a cast in place wet well chamber

M CON Products partnered with Do-All Construction to build a custom oversized top slab for the Pembroke McGee Pump Station.

A custom 3.9m x 5.0m precast chamber top with cast-in hatches by MSU Mississauga, produced by M CON Products.

This was an option that was proposed and approved by the consultant as an alternative to a cast-in place design. The approach enabled the contractor to save time and money as it provided versatility to begin installing the internals and hardware, without being restricted by the cast-in place methods. M CON worked with MSU Mississauga to cast the hatches into the 3.9m x 5.0m slabs. Each of these slabs came in at approximately 18,000kg.

Two custom slabs, each 3.9m x 5.0m, with cast-in place hatches, simplifies the installation of a chamber top at the McGee Pump Station.

With 5 cast-in place hatches, this custom precast chamber top weighs in at over 18,000kg.

A peak inside this box manhole reveals the internal workings of a pump station.

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