Project Showcase: Clarke Pond Outlet | Fast Installation of Retaining Walls

Contractor: ASL (Agrodrain Systems Ltd.)
Owner: Mattamy Homes
Engineer: Paterson Group 
Products: Stone Strong Retaining Wall Blocks

A new storm water pond was required for a recently-built Barrhaven neighborhood subdivision in Ottawa, Ontario. The pond is required to hold and settle out storm water before being released into a nearby freshwater stream.

The contractor, ASL, approached M CON Products for a solution as there was a shortage of the natural stone product they were originally planning to use for the retaining walls. As a manufacturer of precast concrete retaining wall blocks called Stone Strong Systems, M CON had these blocks readily available in stock. M CON provided ASL with detailed wall designs specifically engineered for the site, designed by Paterson Group. The design of the walls incorporated the variety of block sizes produced by M CON, allowing more flexibility in design and construction.

After completing the installation of the designed granular base, ASL was able to install the Stone Strong blocks much quicker than the originally specified natural stone product. The blocks were filled with granular material as the rows were placed. The robust size of the Stone Strong Block – 24 square foot face – helped to reduce labour costs on the project, resulting in another great example of how Stone Strong Systems can help contractors, engineers and owners achieve their project goals on time and on budget.




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