Precast prevails when winter conditions pose challenges to cast-in-place pieces.

Case Study: Elm Tree Road Culvert and Wingwall in Arden, ON
Contractor: Crains’ Construction
Owner: Township of Central Frontenac
Engineer: Greer Galloway of Belleville, ON
Products Used: 3600mm x 1500mm Box Culvert, Stone Strong Systems®

In the fall of 2017, Crains’ Construction awarded M CON Products a contract to supply them with precast box culverts to replace a cast-in-place bridge built in the 1920’s that had begun to fail. Greer Galloway’s design featured twin 3600mm x 1500mm precast culverts with cast-in-place wing walls; however, as the project progressed and the winter weather added challenges, it became evident that casting the wing walls in place may not be feasible.

M CON Products manufactured custom precast box culverts and Stone Strong Systems walls for this project by Crains’ Construction – Arden, ON (2018).

Cold weather conditions can greatly affect the curing process of concrete. If freezing occurs before concrete has developed sufficient strength, the internal force from freezing can not only damage the structural integrity of the piece, it can alter the make-up of the concrete. Furthermore, the project’s location offered significant challenges as the temperatures of the river dropped below freezing.

Site specific engineering and the unique block fabrication allow contractors to utilize the blocks in creative designs – Arden, ON (2018).

On the hunt for a cost effective and efficient alternative to the project specifications, Crains’ approached M CON for suggestions. M CON had a solution that would suit the site conditions: Stone Strong Systems® gravity retaining wall. In collaboration with the consultant and contractor, M CON provided them with a Stone Strong Systems® wall design that would serve the project criteria well. The very nature of its functionality makes it a power-house product in such situations because it is engineered to the requirements of each situation and installs quickly. By utilizing readily available blocks, Crains’ Construction was able to reduce delays and expedite installation.

The hollow design of the Stone Strong System wall blocks ensure easy installation of guardrails and fencing, while maintaining stability – Arden, ON (2018).

While it can be done, pouring concrete on site in the cold winter months increases the risk of loss of strength and the weather may not allow for adequate curing time. M CON Products provides precast solutions, including the Stone Strong Systems® gravity wall: a versatile product to replace poured-in-place wing walls and creative answer to the challenges of winter weather.

Crains’ Construction worked with M CON Products to construct a bridge using precast concrete structures in order to work through cold winter conditions – Arden, ON (2018).

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