Amazon Fulfillment Centre Retaining Wall


Amazon Fulfillment Centre Retaining Wall


R.W. Tomlinson




Stone Strong Systems


Paterson Group


With a tight 14-month deadline, Broccolini Construction was hired as the general contractor to build the largest Amazon Fulfillment Centre in Canada. With a gross construction floor area of 2.8 million square feet, it was set to become the largest fulfillment centre ever built in the country.

With a large berm separating the new fulfillment center and the exit ramp off Highway 416 it was important that a wall be constructed to limit any chance of erosion into the newly constructed parking lot. Stone Strong’s strict gravity wall was a great option as there was limited space between property and property line, the addition of tiebacks would have not been a practical option.

Paterson recommended the Stone Strong product based on its proven block capabilities and ability to reach the required 8.7m height with no tiebacks.

R.W Tomlinson was contracted to build the required retaining walls. The walls took a total construction time of 4 months.

M CON Products produced a total of 1,779 blocks for the Amazon Fulfillment Centre retaining wall. To meet the construction timetable and ease the installation process, 325 precast mass extenders were ultimately chosen over the original requirement to pour mass extenders on site. The custom mass extenders were produced over the course of 4 months.

The 325 custom mass extenders were produced in 4 variations, each having a 24 square foot face and varying in depth, 68”, 82”, 92” and 106”. These blocks enabled Tomlinson to install the wall throughout the colder months and achieve the tight timeline.

Stone Strong Systems

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