M CON Products is a proud dealer of Stone Strong Systems.


The biggest and most innovative precast block in the industry is also the easiest to work with. Stone Strong Systems’ fully and intelligently engineered block technology allows for a lighter, interlocking block that greatly reduces installation time and labor costs — with unmatched safety, durability and aesthetics. It’s big. It’s easy. It’s Stone Strong.


The better way to wall a highway–Stone Strong Systems has undergone rigorous review by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) to verify conformance with AASHTO standards and specifications. Meets DOT approval.


Big-time projects demand big-time blocks–Stone Strong Systems’ gravity walls are capable of heights in excess of 20 feet. Meanwhile, with proper engineering and reinforcement, Stone Strong MSE walls have topped nearly 50 feet.


Make impossibly hard projects impossibly easy–Stone Strong Systems’ tapered block edges provide the versatility needed to contour to any landscape, including straight, convex, concave and circular designs.


What is it that makes Stone Strong Systems the best block in precast? In a word — everything. Everyone knows we’re the biggest block in the industry. But what they may not know is that we’re the industry’s most efficient retaining wall system as well. Or that our big block system is the first to be fully engineered both structurally and geotechnically. So no matter what you’re looking for — size, speed or strength — Stone Strong Systems can meet your project requirements.


Our system’s unique hollow cavity means less weight per square foot, which translates into reduced transportation costs and a much faster, easier and less costly installation — install up to 1,200 square feet of block a day.


Huge 24-square-foot block dramatically reduces labor costs and installation time, while its sheer size and weight deliver structural strength without any need for tie-backs or additional mechanics.


Lift/alignment loops ensure blocks interlock precisely and align units for consecutive level courses. Stone infill securely locks blocks together without any mechanical assistance.


Available in unlimited customizable patterns and able to be stained to match any color imaginable, Stone Strong blocks fit naturally and seamlessly into any design or landscape.



Derived from blocks hand-chiseled by artisans, the pattern is intended to match the classic look of natural, chiseled stone.



Created from actual fractured ledge stone, the highly defined pattern offers the most natural look to match almost any application.



Smooth and broken up, this pattern was produced to replicate actual original cobblestone from the East Coast cities.



Sharp and well-defined, the pattern was developed by laser-mapping actual retaining walls in the Smoky Mountains.



Smooth, horizontal stones create a modern finish.


3 SF Block

Face 2’ X 18” x 44”

The 3 SF Block allows the wall to stay on a running bond. This block is also available as a vertical. Weight 364 kilograms.

6-28 Block

Face 4’ X 18” X 28”

Stone Strong’s tapered block edges provide the versatility needed to contour to any landscape. Weight 430 kilograms.

6 SF Top Block

Face 4’ X 18” X 44”

Blocks interlock securely and precisely without any mechanical assistance. Weight 635 kilograms.

12 SF Block

Face 8’ X 18” X 44”

The 12 SF Block allows for quicker installation of 1.5 foot high courses. Weight 1360 kilograms.


Face 8’ X 36” X 44”

This 24 SF Block is the Standard Stone Strong block. This block is also available as a vertical. Weight 2722 kilograms.

24-62 Block

Face 8’ X 36” X 62”

The 24-62 Block builds walls up to 18’ with no tie-back. This block is als available as a vertical. Weight 3109 kilgorams.

24-86 Block

Face 8’ X 36” X 86”

The 24-86 Block builds walls up to 22.5’ with no tie-back. This block is also available as a vertical. Weight 3489 kilograms.

24 Mass Extender

Face 8’ X 36” X 56”

The addition of the extender to the 24 SF block provides for greater gravity wall heights. This block is also available as a vertical. Weight 4526 kilograms.


Face 4’ X 18” X 24”

The Corner Top block is used for top end finish treatments. Weight 557 kilograms.


Face 4’ x 1.5’ x 4’

The 45° Block provides for inside and outside 45° turns. Weight 910 kilograms.


Face 48” X 48” X 18”

The 90° Block provides for inside and outside 90° turns. Weight 1179 kilograms.


Face 8’ X 18” X 28”

The 8’ Dual Face Block provides for above-grade applications. Weight 1597 kilograms.

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