Rideau River Western Parkway – Goldie Mohr


Rideau River Western Parkway


Goldie Mohr


Stone Strong Systems


With the City of Ottawa specifying Redi-Rock, or an approved equivalent gravity wall, M CON Products approached Goldie Mohr and proposed Stone Strong Systems, for the strength and durability, ease of installation, as well as the pleasing aesthetic design.The consultants and engineers were impressed by the alternative product we were able to offer, and Paterson Group made the decision to proceed with the design. Once the final design was approved and the project given the green light, M CON Products was well stocked with the blocks and were able to expedite the large and complex installation faced by Goldie Mohr. Being able to overcome the design difficulties of the wall containing multiple bends and a great variation of blocks, the installation of the wall was completed quickly and with very few obstacles.

Stone Strong Systems
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