Foot Care

Welcome to the first of our staff wellness programs. To help you lay a stronger foundation for our bodies, we have worked together with The Foot Collective to put together foot care advice. We recognize that some people’s rigid construction boots preclude them from applying this advice in their day-to-day jobs, but these techniques can still be applied at home or during other activities when out of construction boots.


People are starting to acknowledge that going barefoot is preferable, which is a little-known fact that shoe companies don’t like to hear. The practice of going barefoot is becoming increasingly popular as evidence mounts that shoes actually inflict more damage to our feet and joints than good. Essentially, it involves spending as much time as you can bare feet or in shoes that simulate bare feet. The foundation of our bodies, our feet, is frequently disregarded. In reaction to footwear that has changed our foot form over time, it is crucial to strengthen and exercise to repair our foundation.


Please watch a welcome video made by the founder of The Foot Collective. You can also obtain an online tutorial for utilizing the ball by clicking the second link – this is available as a mobile app. You may find the YouTube links to the demonstration videos and the TFC Audio Project below.

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