M CON Products hosts Central Precast for a presentation on Lean Manufacturing

M CON Products hosts Central Precast for a presentation on Lean Manufacturing

While each company at The Precast Group is unique, we share several similarities. Each facility has its own set of strengths and shortcomings, but the bottom line is that we all can learn from one another.

We implemented the lean manufacturing 5S/7S approach in 2015 as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and being better than we were the year before. We wanted to improve safety, make tasks easier, and improve the quality of our products by creating a more positive and clean work environment. We have been leading the group of companies with this initiative since. Central Precast, our sibling company, had heard about our concept and wanted a piece of the action. They brought out plant managers, supervisors, and lead hands. Here’s a look back at the day.

Central Precast was welcomed to the site and given a tour of our yard before being given a comprehensive walk-through of their manufacturing facility and procedures. They were amazed by the manufacturing facility’s cleanliness and order.

Following the tour of the manufacturing facility, we led Central Precast through a 5S/7S presentation in our newly renovated office boardroom. We spent the next couple hours over refreshments and snacks discussing what we learned from our lean manufacturing process.

This was an informative day for Central Precast employees, and we look forward to seeing them take steps to improve their environment.

While this visit was exclusive to The Precast Group, other forms of plant tours for small groups or large delegations will be available year-round as limitations begin to lift. Contact info@mconproducts.com or the Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association to arrange for a tour and lunch and learn.

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