Project Showcase: Around the bend – Greenbelt/Tomlinson, Goulbourn Forced Rd.

Case Study: Kanata Lakes North, Kanata ON
Contractor: Greenbelt/Tomlinson Construction
Owner: KNL Developments
Engineer: IBI Group
Products Used: Custom Box Culverts

M CON Products partnered with Greenbelt/Tomlinson to construct an extension of an existing culvert at the Nordion complex in the Kanata North Business Park near Goulbourn Forced Rd.

M CON worked directly with the consultants at IBI and WSP to manufacture the culvert extension. Although M CON does manufacture precast bends, it was decided that it would be best that Tomlinson cast the bend on site to complete the connection from the existing culvert to the new extension that was being installed. M CON was able to produce the desired custom sized precast box sections that allowed for accelerated installation of the structure.

Custom-size culverts for extension

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