Precast Segmental Headwalls Accelerate Project Schedule


Segmental Headwall for Large Diameter Concrete Pipe


River Road Reconstruction & Storm Pond Outlet, River Road, Ottawa, ON


Riverside South Developments


Stantec (Ottawa) and IBI group (Ottawa)


M CON Products’ precast Segmental Headwalls accelerated the construction of a new storm pond on River Road, Ottawa, ensuring the project was completed on time and on budget, despite the weather. Being located across the road from the Rideau River and the pond, the new housing development in Riverside South required a storm pond with large diameter concrete storm pipe inflows. Construction of the storm pond would close the busy River Road for an extended period to allow for installation of the concrete storm pipe and complete road reconstruction. However, with construction planned for late Fall/early Winter, scheduling and the cold weather were major issues. Using cast-in-place concrete would have consumed up to three weeks for each headwall structure to allow for proper curing of the concrete. This would have caused unwanted disruption to the public and delays to the project.


Tomlinson Sewer and Watermain approached M CON Products for a precast solution to avoid the unpredictability and challenges of curing concrete in the winter elements. By choosing our precast solution, Tomlinson was able to reduce time on site to a couple of days for complete assembly for each headwall. As well as time, labour and subtrade cost savings, Tomlinson also benefited from ease of assembly. “The installation of these headwalls went exceptionally well…, it is an excellent system that you guys have,” said, Garrett Fox – Project Coordinator – Tomlinson Sewer and Watermain.


When Tomlinson approached M CON Products, the precast manufacturer had recently come up with a design for a Segmental headwall. Shop drawings were then created for 1950 mm, 2100 mm, and 2400 mm headwalls, so the alternatives could be approved by the contractor. Once Tomlinson approved the design, the concrete pieces for the Segmental Headwalls were quick and easy to produce in our plant and were cast ahead of time so the products were ready for installation when needed.

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