3-Sided Culvert for Bridge in New Community


Perseus Ave, Half Moon Bay, [Ottawa, Ontario]


ASL (Agrodrain Systems, Ltd.)


Mattamy Homes LTD.


DSEL (David Schaeffer Engineering Limited)


3-SIDED Box Culvert


A bridge was required for a new community in Barrhaven, Ontario for a roadway passing over an existing stream which connects to an outlet pond. Mattamy Homes approached M CON Products to provide a precast solution for the construction of the bridge.

DSEL designed a 3-sided box culvert as per the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC, CSA S6-19) with a span of 9.144m and weighing 38,000kg per piece. This wasn’t the first time we produced a 3-sided culvert. However, it was the first time we produced any of this size. They are the longest and heaviest pieces we have ever made. In the past, a structure of this size would have been out of reach for M CON to produce. But, with recent plant and equipment upgrades, production was attainable. Another reason we were delighted to produce this culvert is because the open-bottom design (3-sided) is more environmentally friendly as it allows the existing streambed to be maintained.

“Working together with our consulting team, M CON Products was able to provide the most efficient structure that met our overall height constraints for the construction of the roadway overtop, as well as the width required to span the Jock River outlet channel. Thanks for all the help guys!”
Reuben Noel – Senior Construction Manager, Land Development, Mattamy Homes.

The formwork for a structure this size takes up a significant amount of production floor space. Our production crews worked diligently to prepare the rebar cage ahead of time and maintain a production schedule to produce 17 pieces in 34 days, in accordance with CSA A23.4-16
Working with Vanson Transport, our yard crew safely loaded and shipped all 17 pieces in two days for ASL to maintain their tight installation schedule.

Box Culverts
3-sided Culvert, M CON Products, Ottawa, Precast Concrete

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