Carp Retirement Residence Retaining Wall


Carp Retirement Residence Retaining Wall


Karson (Aecon) Construction


Carp Retirement


Stone Strong


Paterson Group and Novatech


In November 2017, Carp Retirement announced plans to build a 129 suite, 7 storey retirement home in the heart of Carp.

M CON Products was approached by Karson Construction to provide a design alternative for the terraced retaining wall at the proposed residence. The project originally spec’d Armour Stone but it was found that the Stone Strong system was a much more suitable and aesthetically pleasing product for this application.

The versatility of the Stone Strong product shone brightly on this terraced wall. With tight site conditions, Stone Strong retaining wall provided the benefit of not requiring a geogrid. The versatility of the hollow blocks allowed for a quicker, easier, and less costly installation process.

The sleek terraced wall design further speaks to Stone Strong's diverse capabilities and its countless application options.

With Novatechs approval and Paterson Groups design, M CON was able to work with Karson in successfully completing this project.

Today, the wall stands proud as one of M CONs first terraced Stone Strong walls.

Stone Strong Systems
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