Custom Box Culvert with Corbel


Custom Box Culvert with Corbel


Winchester, Ontario


Custom 5700x2700 Box Culvert with Corbel for the approach slabs


Jacobs Engineering Group & GM BluePlan Engineering


The Township of North Dundas sought to upgrade the Cayer Road Bridge in order to ensure a stable road surface and a steady water flow for many years to come. The replacement plan for the Cayer Road Bridge, developed by Jacobs Engineering Group in collaboration with the township and Willis Kerr Contracting Ltd., called for a new precast box culvert to take the place of the existing single-span concrete rigid frame bridge. For this application, a box culvert with a 5700 mm span and 2700 mm rise was selected.

The site's low cover conditions presented the engineers with a special challenge to overcome. With the site conditions in mind, a distribution slab and corbels for the approach slabs were required. 

GM BluePlan Engineering designed the custom box culvert for M CON Products to produce while adhering to the CSA S6-19 Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. The overall length of the structure was 17.08m with a total of 8 pieces ranging between 34,000-35,000kg per piece.

Due to the height of the structures M CONs dispatch team worked with local brokers to float the culvert structures in a timely manner. M CONs yard crew safely loaded and shipped all pieces in one day for Willis Kerr.

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