Greenfield – Main – Hawthorne Reconstruction


Greenfield – Main – Hawthorne Reconstruction


Custom Stone Strong Smooth Face Pattern




In May 2021, M CON was contacted by Novatech and the National Capital Commission to design a retaining wall that would be placed adjacent to the intersection of Colonel By Drive and Main Street.


Novatech noted that with the use of a precast product such as Stone Strong, the existing canal pathway could remain open during construction.


Due to the location of the site and the presence of other retaining walls nearby that were either plain or striated concrete, and the wall’s visibility from the canal, Novatech suggested that visual consistency needed to be a key consideration. M CON heard this and created custom, smooth-faced blocks with chamfered edges to blend into the location’s aesthetic.


Working with Louis W. Bray Construction the finished wall measured 40 meters long and consisted of 153 Stone Strong Smooth Face Pattern blocks. It was the first smooth face wall made in the M CON plant and it will not be the last.

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