Prince of Wales Box Culvert


Prince of Wales Box Culvert


In light of the future widening of Prince of Wales Drive in Ottawa, ON, a new culvert was required for the upcoming four-lane configuration. Due to the proximity of an existing sanitary trunk sewer and a bend in the creek alignment, an 18000 x 9500mm custom cast-in-place transition structure was required. M CON Products’ culvert was designed to perfectly match this structure, including a custom connection detail. In addition to the culvert, there was a requirement for a small retaining wall to act as a wing wall off the one end of the culvert. Armour Stone was originally specified. However, due to issues sourcing material, M CON Products proposed Stone Strong as an alternative. Stone Strong was accepted, which kept the project on time and in budget.

GM BluePlan Engineering designed the steel for 29 standard and four special 6000mm x 2600mm x 350w x 1.318m precast concrete box culvert components. With the increased handling capacity that M CON Products has today, this culvert could be made in 20 pieces instead of 33, drastically improving production and installation schedules. Prince of Wales Drive is one of the main roads travelling north and southbound to downtown Ottawa. As a result, a weekend road closure was recommended for the installation of this culvert. Working with local brokers, a few trucks were pre-loaded on the Friday afternoon. The remaining trucks were loaded and sent to the site on the Saturday. All 33 pieces were delivered and installed successfully in only one day, enabling Karson to begin quickly sealing the joints and backfilling.

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