M CON Product’s Stone Strong Systems Simplifies Installation of Retaining Walls

M CON Product’s Stone Strong Systems Simplifies Installation of Retaining Walls

Visitors to M CON Product’s booth at Green Trade Expo were excited to see the Stone Strong Systems precast concrete blocks. Landscape contractors and homeowners alike commented on the speed and simplicity of installation thanks to the lightweight, interlocking design. The design also makes the blocks ideal for a wide variety of applications. Visitors were pleased to discover products can be delivered quickly in the Ottawa area, with M CON being a local company. As more and more projects opt for Stone Strong Systems’ precast blocks for their gravity retaining walls, the product is becoming more recognizable.

Contractors and homeowners were keen to gather information about the system, including how to lift and install the blocks, how much time installation takes, as well as the cost per square foot and local availability. Homeowners were particularly interested that the blocks can be used to hold back water in areas susceptible to flooding. 

Stone Strong Systems offers an innovative and accessible solution for retaining walls on roadway, commercial and residential projects. Combining the structural strength, safety and durability of concrete with a lightweight design means the blocks can be handled easily by contractors and homeowners. The blocks also interlock precisely and securely without mechanical assistance, making installation quick and easy. With four patterns and a variety of stains, the blocks work with any design or landscape, enhancing the aesthetics of the finished project.

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